The Farm

Our decadent hand-cooked English potato crisps are planted and picked locally, then sliced, cooked, packed (and often devoured imminently) here at our very own family farm; Russell Smith Farms in East Anglia. The Russell Smith family  has  been farming potatoes since 1938 so we know our roosters from our russets – but from modest beginnings has grown a more stylish snack, a luxurious and decadent crisp to truly savour!

We understand the importance of traceability and sustainability, using accredited farming methods  and  championing sustainable agriculture to ensure culinary excellence.  Here at Russell Smith Farms, we strive to get the most out of our land whilst caring for the environment and beautiful pastures in which it lies. The family farm is a member of FWAG, LEAF,  the Soil Association and is signed up to the Government’s stewardship schemes. SAVOURSMITHS is also a member of LEAF.

Local Spuds

We love local spuds and supporting local farmers and even though we grow a wide variety of potatoes, but depending on the time of year, some of our favourite varieties are, Lady Rosetta, Lady Claire and Lady Amarilla. These are spuds – not ladies – in case your were wondering – however we do treat our spuds with care and in a gentlemanly manner!

Hand-Cooked on our farm

Cut from British Potatoes grown on our family farm, harvested and handcooked in small batches SAVOURSMITHS craft audacious, eccentrically English snacks with flamboyant flavours. Farm to table is our approach. We  are involved in the process from start to finish and we also have a state of the art factory which helps us in our process of making the most delicious crispy crisps ever!

Skin on

Most of the nutrients of the humble potato lies in its skin – we therefore keep the skin on for added nutrients and taste!

All Natural

The whole range uses East Anglia grown potatoes and all natural high quality ingredients from around the world. Our products are free from Gluten, MSG and is NON GMO. We don’t just use natural flavourings – we use the actual ingredients! Our range also has options suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians.

Secret Ingredient

Our secret ingredient is always love! We hope you love our crisps as much as we love making them for you!

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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