Desert Salt

100% pure, crystal white desert salt from an ancient and pristine source in the Kalahari Desert creates an exceptional tasting crisp, enhancing and enriching the flavour of our delicious spuds. Simplicity at it’s best.

Wagyu Beef with Honey & Mustard

Decadent Japanese Wagyu beef with its unparalleled marbled texture and taste is complemented by the sweet bite of honey and mustard.

Desert Salt & Vinegar

Pure, crystal white Kalahari Desert salt is put together with a heavy and delicious hand of vinegar to create the perfect balance between flavour and intensity.

Italian Cheese and Port

The mellow, smooth sweetness of port cuts through rich Italian cheese.

Somerset Cheddar & Shallot

Melt in the mouth Cheddar is united with the delicate sweetness of shallot onion, adding body as well as flavour to the crisp.

Truffle & Rosemary

Wild, earthy and decadent black Italian summer truffle complimented by fresh sprigs fragrant rosemary.

Bubbly & Serrano Chilli

The fizziness of a glass of bubbly, accented with a touch of sea salt and a warming kick of Mexican mountain pepper Serrano chilli.
Savoursmiths Products Christmas_Ham_With Umami Truffle Glaze

Christmas Ham With Umami Truffle Glaze

Savoursmiths Products Christmas_Ham_With Umami Truffle Glaze

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