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We are incredibly proud to introduce our new 100% recyclable packaging to the category. Attitudes to plastics and waste are changing rapidly and it is important for us to continue to strive to provide the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions technology can offer without affecting the food inside.

We are very pleased to take this step towards being recycle-smart and removing single use plastics across the SAVOURSMITHS range moving forward. We are so delighted to be joining the UK's Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. This is a step in our journey towards making all of our packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025.

At the moment, the packaging we use is the best way to keep our crisps as fresh, delicious and crunchy as can be. However, we are now taking steps to make all of our packaging across our range 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable moving forward.

We have partnered with recyclers TerraCycle to make it easier to recycle our crisp packets and reduce the impact we have on the environment.


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Did you know?

Your SAVOURSMITHS crisp packets can end up as watering cans, cool bags, benches, chairs and many more cool things if you recyle! Plus, every time you recycle you help support schools and charities.

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