SAVOURSMITHS crisps are available in 40g & 150g bags in the following seven flamboyant varieties:

Bubbly & Serrano Chilli

The crisp bubble of Bubbly is accented with a touch of sea salt and a warming kick of Mexican mountain pepper Serrano chilli

Truffle & Rosemary

Fresh sprigs of rosemary is combined with a hint of the wild, earthy and decadent taste of black truffle to create a unique snacking experience

Italian Cheese & Port

The mellow, smooth sweetness of port cuts through rich Italian cheese for the ultimate after-dinner snack

Desert Salt

Our 100% pure, crystal white desert salt from an ancient and pristine source in the Kalahari Desert create an exceptional tasting crisp, enhancing and enriching the flavour of our delicious spuds. Simplicity at it's best.

Wagyu Beef with Honey & Mustard

This famously decadent Japanese beef known for its eye-watering price tag and unparalleled marbled texture and taste is complemented with the sweet bite of honey and mustard

Somerset Cheddar & Shallot

Welcome to our wonderful cheese and onion crisp flavour, now this is one that everyone would want to savour. We added Somerset Cheddar to the shallot, because an onion without cheese is like a big hug without a squeeze.

Desert Salt & Vinegar

Nostalgic crisp eaters come together – because Salt and Vinegar doesn’t get any better!

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